Words kill, words give life. Words create, words tear down. Words are beautiful but can be ugly. We form them with our mouths and they enter our ears. Words of the wise are fewer and not often forgotten, words of the foolish are many and idle and rarely remembered. Mind your words for the sweetest of encouragements can be dashed by each discouragement you utter alongside it. The most loving words can be as sweet as honey, don’t speak of hate along side it. Each word you speak matters, don’t waste them on things that don’t matter. Don’t speak something you don’t mean, for words have power beyond your understanding. Don’t hesitate to speak gentle, kind and loving words, or you will let the opportunity pass you by like a snowflake melting on the pavement. Even the right words can convince oneself of faith and belief if you believe in what you say. Every word that comes out of your mouth molds yourself and something else, either another being, an inanimate object, or an event in some way or form. Don’t say something you don’t want manifesting. Don’t discredit the sweet words you can say to someone you care about, for they will treasure each one if they care about you as well. And don’t let the words fall unnoticed, for what you take for granted can slip away.

I am aware this was shorter than usual but I seem to be experiencing writers block as of late, my greatest wishes to you all and I will write again soon.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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