Innocence of heart

Today, after breakfast out I was watching Colin outside Briggs and waiting on my grandmother and sisters. As we were sitting out there a boy of about 8 and his seemingly 6 year old sister walked out. He was showing her everything and she was in awe. He would point over the pond “Look, there’s a fish, it’s called a Koi” “You see that flower, that’s what makes all the lily pads” and Colin pointed out a water strider, “What’s that?” The boy quickly explained to him what it was. They went on talking for a short amount of time, and then we had to go.

Later we saw a water fountain, of course Colin can’t pass up a water fountain, so he asked if he could get some water. Of course I let him out of the cart and he ran to the fountain, grinning with delight. He pushed the button and laughed when the water splashed him in the face. Not too long after he started, two kids came up, about his age. He pressed the button and lapped up the water, giggling he shouted “How’d I do that?” the boy caught on and started doing the same thing. Soon they were playing around and laughing, you’d think they’ve known each other forever.

I remember when things were like that. Not being afraid to open up to someone, in case you’d never see them again. Colin never exchanged names with these kids, it wasn’t necessary, they just laughed together. Now that I think about it, it’s happened before. Sports is the easiest way, you can play basketball with complete strangers and never fully learn their names, but have a good time. Teenagers still do it. But not to certain extents. We’re still held back. What if I never see them? Will they ever remember me? Well, what if you do? What if you form an unbreakable bond and become best friends? What if you so happen to be just what they needed to make it another day? What if they had the answer you’ve been looking for, and you missed it? We’ve lost the innocence of heart, the ability to open up without the fear of being broken. Without the knowledge that you can be. Me. The socially inept homeschooler. Has a dream. A dream of talking to a random person that I just so happened to be in the same place at the same time as, a person that I might’ve never crossed paths with, and effecting their lives, becoming wonderful friends. With the innocence of heart as a child.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

One thought on “Innocence of heart

  1. Mike says:

    I don’t know why but, as I read this it seriously hit something in me…I can’t explain but I read this and just started to cry…Not a simple tear or two but full on crying…This has so much meaning to me and I agree 100% with everything said above…Not many people could write something that could honestly make me burst into tears…But this has, *you* have… :’D

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