So… I was looking around and I came across one of these Pastor blogs. Some of them are really interesting and helpful, but then… there’s the ones that slam anything they don’t understand. The thing is, they really think they do understand…

There was a post on the site, the main base of this post was to point out the band being satanist. While it wasn’t a Christian band, and the members were atheists, they weren’t flat out satanic. But that wasn’t the point. That wasn’t what really bothered me. On the comments under the blog is what made me sick. Sure, the band probably isn’t a good band to listen to, I’ve heard of it before and I know people who listen to it, but I’m not about to slam it like that. Music is one of those conviction things. If you have someone you trust and look up to tell you not to listen to a band, that’s one thing. But random people slamming your favorite band doesn’t exactly make you want to listen, huh?

The point of the site is to find satanic symbolism in pop culture. Not to slam everything they can find. But I ask, what is the point? We are quite aware how messed up society is, must you remind us again? This guy went on and on about the free masons mostly, the all seeing eye. Finding it wherever he possibly can seems to be the goal of this site. A good bit of the things he finds are just people with their hair in front of the face, or even just half their face not showing in the picture.

Gah, I keep getting off topic. On the comments, a major fan of the band commented something that the owner of the site deleted. Afterwards this was said;

“Wow… now we see who won that little bit. You know what im talking about pastor man. You deleted my other comment because there was no way for you to counter. See this is what christianity does. Whenever you cannot answer something you just simply ignore it. Well I was thinking that maybe you would help a lost soul see the light, but i think we have shown what kind of deciever you are.”

After that they went on a little while until the owner of the site declared that anything else this person posted on his site would be deleted. It made me sick honestly. Not the slamming of the band, not the band itself, not the fans of it; but the pastor who has dedicated his ministry to exposing occult symbolism. Yeah, people need to find out about this stuff, yeah the music probably isn’t good to listen to, yeah, it’s pathetic how little figureheads know about the symbolism their labels get them to use. But at the cost of giving up real ministry? The pastor completely cut off this guy because he didn’t like what he believed in. There was no love, no compassion, no realness, no Christ. Just standing against something instead of standing with something. It’s like reaching over the edge of a cliff where the mass is standing, crying out, searching for hope, and instead of grabbing a hand and pulling someone up, they just slap them in the face. Why go to the trouble of reaching down if you’re just going to hurt them? No wonder people think Christians as self righteous hypocrites and heartless. Sure, it’s sad that the world is how it is. It upsets me deeply, but I’m not angry, I’m saddened. We should be reaching and lifting. We should be helpful. We should be loving and kind to them, not make fun of what they follow. I speak for myself to. It’s time we learn to pull them up instead of slapping them in the face.

I remember a time when I was younger, a friend I made was highly into witchcraft. I had never heard the other side of those views until then, but I wasn’t believing in what she said, I could just, understand her if I understood what she believed. We talked about a lot, I actually talked to her more than I did most people. We talked about things that we both liked, but when something involving witchcraft came up, I just had little input, I didn’t understand it, so I wasn’t ready to talk about it, but we did talk about God some too. When we got back into the dining hall for lunch, she mentioned something about tarot cards, one of the adults at the table overheard and instantly shut her down. “Witchcraft is evil, we don’t talk about stuff like that.” The girl silenced and looked down at her feet. The adult didn’t see what I saw, their head was too high. But I was looking down as well. The look on her face, a mix of anger and hurt. I wondered how much of what she talked about she actually believed in. I touched her chin and she looked up at me. “Don’t worry, you’re still my friend” I smiled. Perhaps it was a stupid thing to say, but it seemed to cheer her up again. Every time that adult came by though, she shut down. She didn’t want to talk about God very much after that, but when she did, she had deliberate questions. I wasn’t good with answers, and I wish I could see her again now that I know the answers. To be honest, at the time, I had some of the same questions as she did. I believed most of what I did because it was all I knew, I didn’t even know if I believed it. That adult thought they were doing the right thing, I’m sure the pastor did too. But I saw two people turned off to the message. Because no one wanted to answer their questions. I have a question for you, why ARE you reaching over the gap? To help them up? Or are you just slapping them in the face? I’m not asking to make you think, or to get you on the spot. I seriously want to know.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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