As a child

Today in kidschurch I chose a song by Matt Redman (and/or Chris Tomlin) called Undignified. “I will dance I will sing to be mad for my king nothing Lord is hindering this passion in my soul, and I’ll become even more Undignified than this some may say it’s foolishness” ect… When I first started it, the kids seemed unsure, even Gabby seemed unsure, it is a big word after all. So I explained to the kids what it meant, even then some of them seemed uncertain. About thirty seconds into the song the kids were going crazy with it. Some of them anyway. The small amount that actually started dancing and jumping around was a little sad, but one stuck out to me. Mackenzie has always been a little more eager than all the other kids, singing a little louder, putting a little more energy into each activity, ect… But today, today she showed that she is truly committed. At such a young age, she has extreme amounts of potential ahead of her. I admire the few kids anymore that don’t care what others think. The past couple generations have been raised to be very self-conscious at younger and younger ages. But when we got into that song, Mackenzie went wild, I even called her and a couple pterosaur girls on stage. Many people will say thy it’s just the hype. They’re only doing it because they’re wild. Kids enjoy being wild all the time. I don’t know where you’ve been, but kids in elementary school ages are taught by their peers to keep quiet and surf below the flow so that you don’t draw attention to yourself. Or so you don’t draw attention away from them. But that same commitment I saw during the praise songs, the energetic happy ones, I saw during worship. There is nothing like hearing the voices of young children unashamed unforced and at the top of their lungs praising God. Some would even kneel and/or raise their hands. I wish I only had gotten it at their age. Sure I had every means to, I even had the knowledge and I accepted Christ to save me. But to me, that was the end of it. “Alright Jesus you’ve saved me and I’ve talked to you. The end.”

Children nowadays are troubled. Forced into impressing others by piling dirt onto their personality until they feel and believe that they are dirt. Truth is, we were all dirt when God created us, but He has made us new in His image. He molded us originally from dirt, His breath and spoken word. So how do you think we were remade? With sin, we accepted our previous form as dirt and rejoined it. He pulled us out with the blood of His son, and spoke that we were forgiven.

When you give someone a gift, a gift that set you back a LOT, you expect or at least hope that they’ll treasure it, use it, gain from it, or something right? Nothing hurts worse than watching that gift go to waste. God gave us a gift, He gave us life, He gave us new life when we wasted it the first time, and He gave us talents. He continues to give and give and give to us, but how many of us actually use our gifts for their intended purpose. If you give someone a book, you don’t expect it to become a simple decoration, if you give someone a piece of jewelry, you don’t expect them to hide it away from the world ashamedly. If someone were to give you cash right now, an amount large enough to accomplish your dream, saying “Go, fulfill your purpose” how much of us actually would? Most people would thank them profusely and forget the gifts original purpose and waste it all. Others might even refuse the gift or pretend it doesn’t exist, hide it away to avoid being labeled rich. Rich can be a harsh title nowadays if you easily take offense. Some of us would even go after our dream but when it falls through once assume it wasn’t meant to be and spend the money elsewhere. If you were given the means to accomplish your dream, what would you do? Do you even have a dream? If not, get one. He has plenty for you.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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