Waiting ’till It’s Too Late

Having written a letter, do we stand by the mailbox and wait for the mailman to leave? When cooking pasta, do we wait until all the water evaporates to add the noodles? When borrowing a book from the library, do we wait until it’s due to begin reading it? When listening to music, do we wait until the song is over to start singing? When a paper is due, do we wait until it’s overdue to start writing it? Do we wait for our teeth to rot before brushing them? If your friend’s leg got bit off by a shark would you wait until they ran out of blood and died to take them to the doctor?

Procrastination is one thing, being too late is another.

Why do we wait until someone is gone to say “Hello”?

Am I the only person who whispers something under my breath after who I was going to say it to is gone? I can write just about anything, but when it comes to speaking I freeze up. The words that seemed so perfect are intimidating simply by being there in person.

I can set my eyes on you, subconsciously watch every movement, run over the words to say a thousand times, walk closer to you, stand there awkwardly, sigh as I watch you leave, and whisper my greeting as your car pulls away with you.

A little something I call a “Fail” or “Gimmethatshovel”

I suppose one could call this “being shy” but I’m not shy, or at least around certain people. I can talk to some random stranger and become friends with them within a couple hours, but if there’s someone I NEED to talk to, I could’ve known you for years and it’s that much harder.

“Feel the moment slip into the past
Like sand through an hourglass
In the madness I guess I just forget
To do all the things I said” -One Day Too Late ~Skillet

My current goal, overcome waiting until it’s too late. I do that way too much.

If I’m waiting for you and you’re waiting for me, I guess we’ll never get anywhere, so someone’s gotta do something, from now on that should be me.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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