Growing Season

I have a tree. Many of you know this by now, I love my tree. I planted it when we first moved into this house when I was about 5 or 6. When I planted it, it was barely taller than me at the time, and I was much shorter. Now it’s almost half as tall as our house. Unlike one would think by looking at it, it’s not an evergreen. Every fall the leaf-like needle things fall off. They’re not pointy and rough like pine needles. The point in all this, every winter it’s bare, almost dead and sad looking. A kind of tree one would see in a depressing music video. Then in spring it starts budding again, no flowers, just the soft pedal-needle-leaves. Before summer starts it looks like my tree again, growing taller every year. My tree has always reminded me of a spiral staircase, twirling into the sky a little more every year. Maybe one day when I’m an adult I will return to find my tree strong enough to climb, until then the telephone pole attached to the fort will have to suffice.
I know it probably sounds kinda weird, but that  tree is kind of like life. We all have our seasons where we look like we’re dying on the outside, the hard times. I imagine it even feels like we’re dying, growing pains, spiritually and emotionally. Growing is dying, dying to who you were and becoming something new. Every year my tree comes back, taller and fuller. You’ll come back, but unlike trees, we don’t need a dead season every year. God didn’t make us like trees, God made us in His image.When one is growing, don’t cut them down. Sometimes when growing we become weak. Being introduced to new things, it warps our minds, we begin to rebuild a set of beliefs around what we just learned, so hard set into tradition. Don’t limit God, He can do more than you can imagine with your life, stretch your dreams beyond the stars across the sea. Traveling on the ocean of dreams isn’t smooth sailing, prepare for the waves and tie down your supplies, ready your crew, do more than survive.
Trusting God is one of the hardest parts of growing. Say trees can still talk, just for this example, you walk up to one. The tree isn’t growing, it hasn’t grown in a long time, in fact the bark is piling thick because it’s not growing up, so all the “growing” has extended sideways.
A conversation with such a tree might go like this.
“Why aren’t you growing?”
“Because if I grow, I’ll be subject to the wind, when I grow my trunk is unstable and weak”
That’s a stupid conversation so I’m dropping my tree theory there. But when something grows, it becomes vulnerable while it’s protection is growing around it. It seems stupid for a tree to keep it’s self from growing because of that, so why do we humans do the same thing? It’s stupid because trees can’t really do that, and trees don’t have free will, but we do. Does that make our decision to do such right?
Sure, trees can’t talk anymore than they can decide not to grow, but we can, and we do. Not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.
 It was Him after all who gave us the ability to grow, He wouldn’t lead us into growth if it were impossible to grow and survive.
Merely surviving is an excuse for not growing.
It’s growing season, we have a call to answer, He has a purpose for us, a purpose that mere saplings can not accomplish.
Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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