Just Throw the Camera

This morning, if you can call it morning, we made it out on the beach. I walked around, got my feet wet, took some pictures then settled into my chair with three amazing books. Between Sinner, Prophet and the Bride collector I took some time to write out my thoughts.

The beauty of the truth. What if half of us did what we wish we could? What if we followed our thoughts? What if someone could read our thoughts?

Things like this remind me how grateful I am for my little camera. He’s a pain in the warehouse, or anyplace with low lighting, but when it comes to situations like this, he’s the best camera I could’ve asked for.

I can’t recall the last time I could just sit and read for that long, we all need a little mental break, we all have our own ways. Words began to flow again, might I say, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti, you both amaze me to no end.

My mind started darting around while we were packing up. At first it bothered me, I thought it was finally clearing up again. Then I realized what was happening. Stories were building again, not only did I have fuel to write with, my endless options were back.

As we returned to the beach house, alix dashed up to the first shower. Big deal, I walked out on the dock. After taking a couple pictures I looked at the water, it looked inviting. The tide was getting low, jumping would not be a good idea. Then again, the water didn’t seem that cold. I sat my camera down on the post and proceeded to sit down on the dock. As I did such, it toppled over into the water. One thought came to mind.


I stood there for a second, watching as the little float on my camera dubbed “the baby sharky” bobbed up and down. The water was clear, tides weren’t really moving much, but I couldn’t just leave it there. I watched it, if there was a little wind it would’ve blown closer to the ladder, but alas it stayed.

Finally I just climbed down the ladder and swam out to it. I stood up, it wasn’t deep at all. It was then that I realized the water wasn’t cold at all. Climbing up the ladder I scraped up my knee on the barnacles. What must it be like to be a barnacle, never moving,  just stationary….


As I climbed back on the dock, mom was calling me in, she noticed I was wet and started laughing. xP I would be the one to get in the water, I’m always the only one…. tomorrow I’m swimming to the sandbar, with or without all the scared ones.

Sometimes we need a push. Something to force us to do what we know we should. A reasoning. A test. Something we care about on the line. Were I not wearing a swimsuit, I would’ve done the same thing, except I might’ve tried to find a branch long enough to fish it out instead…. When you get a push, when something you care about is on the line, don’t back out, don’t freak out, just go after it. Worst thing that could happen, you scrape your knee and get a little wet.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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