Failure is a choice, not an outcome.

Today feels like a Monday, or a Wednesday. Whatever it is, it most certainly does not feel like a Tuesday, though I suppose that’s what it is. Though, if you were to ask me “What is up?” I would probably not respond with a sarcastic answer on this day for one reason and one reason alone;

I am ecstatic

You know the feeling, when everything going wrong all of a sudden does a flip side and nothing could seem better than what it is? Things can go wrong in a number of ways, but it only takes effort, patience, and a little bit of trust and faith to turn it around.

Bananas, they’re evil. I advise you stay your distance from them.

There is nothing quite like climbing on top of playground equipment, and yes I mean on TOP, to where the little kids stare at you until you launch yourself off the top. Their amazed little faces when they realize you’re not severely injured like all the adults nearby said you would be. It is very thrilling.

AH! The pounding of ones head has to be one of the most frustrating feelings. Not only can one subject to such not think, but there is no remedy that I know of  to slow thought patterns and “cool off” the overheated head. Once more, much more frustrating than all of that is the sensation that one can no longer form words to write with.

Above all that, the ecstatic feeling never leaves. Perhaps I should go read something…

Never give up.

Worse than all those feelings above, is the knowledge that had you stuck with something 5 minutes more, chased someone down, or simply said three more words that you could have turned everything around and avoided falling into another pit and dragging others along with you.

Failure is a choice, not an outcome

Perhaps, you say there was no possible way something could have worked out, it wasn’t in your hands. There’s always two alternatives, you either chose to put it in their hands, or you chose to enter the situation unprepared to succeed.

Then again, not giving it a shot is failure sometimes, failure to do your best, so one must have discernment. Where does one gain discernment?

Pray about it. Seek His wisdom.

Failure is the essence of trying. When one says “I’ll try” what they really mean is something along the lines of;

“I really don’t know why you expect me to be able to do this, but whatever”,

“Honestly I don’t think this is possible”,

“I’ll give it a shot, but no doubt I’ll probably mess this up”

Or something along those lines.

In the same essence,

Joy is a choice, happiness is an emotion

While everything is wrong, if one would quit moping around, the answer would be in sight. Also, if one choses not to be joyful any longer, it can be dropped, just like that.

Live long and prosper, Tori.


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