The last couple of  days I’ve been working on sketching one of my favorite anime pictures, it’s not terribly time consuming, but I want it to be as good as I can. Drawing and writing are equals to me, I love them equally and I carefully craft the pen/pencil whether I’m creating words or images. I put so much effort and care into each project you’d think it was a person.

When starting a new drawing, or even a section of writing you begin with the same thing.

A blank page

Blank pages can be highly intimidating, or extremely lovely. As you begin drawing, you give the blank page a meaning, When drawing anime, you start with faces, predominately eyes. Though copying is another story smetimes, SOMETIMES.

I don’t trace much anymore. My art of copying consists of looking at one image on the computer screen while transferring it to the paper on my desk. To some this is a simple task, to me not so much. I want mine not only to hold a little bit of me in it, but to still hold as much if not more meaning as the one on the screen.

At this very moment I have finished the basic outline and shading in this specific drawing, a very time consuming and for those who don’t enjoy sketching, draining task. But where I am now, things are looking up and getting exciting. When you see the lines filling in and the drawing making sense instead of a line here, a circle there, and a thing that really doesn’t look like an eye, one gets encouraged. Thus is my outlook on life, my lines have been drawn, now they are being shaded, though I let the pencil slip and spend a bunch of time erasing, I notice that some of the shading looks better after I lightly run the eraser over it and smudge it with my finger.

The erasing doesn’t stop after the outline, in fact, there is still erasing to do up till the very last step, but my drawing of life doesn’t look so discouraging anymore.

As for my drawing, the one that’s not my life, I’m running the 2B over some spots for extra emphasis on the lines and darkness, here’s the current progress for any of you who care;


Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn


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