Confidence and Love

In a world where a broken heart is expected, where our laws and reason we do things are based on theories, where backstabbing is frequent and accepted, where naivety is considered a weakness, where trust is a fantasy, we’ve been led to believe that this is life.


Does anyone know the meaning of that anymore? Perhaps we do, but we sugarcoat and deny it. Love is not restricted in any form or way to relationships. In fact, the kind of love shown in relationships today is not even love.

Love is selfless acts for another for no benefit of your own.

When you love someone, is it only so they will love you as well? If they were to stop loving you, or loving them became painful, would you withdraw your ‘love’? Did you really love them? Or did you just gain from treating them right?

The Paradise novels (Ted Dekker) have really got me thinking on this subject. Love. That’s what they’re all about. Without love, you can not believe, without belief, you are powerless.

“Accepting your true identity means understanding that you are a stranger to this world. A freak, ostracized by the very people you want to help”

Doing the right thing will be painful, you will be rejected for it. Believing will make you seem hopeless and naive to others. Having confidence in a world of liars is dangerous, but do not place your faith in men, but in God, and He will show you who you can trust.

Stress, depression, heartbreak, loneliness, they all teach you to build a wall and hide behind it, only allowing what is good for you to come in. On the defensive you can accomplish nothing.

Break down your walls and step onto the battle field. Worse that could happen, (If you trust Him that is) you die and go to spend your life with Him.

Insecurity is the enemy’s trick to stop us without firing a single bullet.

Cast all your cares on him, because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Loving someone for self benefit is no more than lying to them. Self pity is also for self benefit. Doing something for another in the hope that they’ll feel sorry for you because you gave up everything is not love at all. In all my life I have never heard one person say they feel sorry for Jesus. Sure we all apologize for messing up and all, but I’ve never heard someone say “I feel bad for Jesus going through all that”. He went through more than you can imagine for you, and you want someone to feel sorry for you for petty things such as this? If you’re going to give your life away, don’t complain when you miss it.

How can we trust if we expect to be lied to? Instead of saying “I trust you”, be honest and speak the truth.

I trust God to bring me through whatever lies and junk you put me through.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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