10 things that make me smile

So after reading Adam Young’s blog, which I constantly do, I found an old post of his where he shared 10 things that make him happy. While I could come up with about a bazajillion things, I chose not to bore you and picked 10 random selections 😉 Life can’t be all bad, just look at what DOES make you smile, not what doesn’t.

I just had this idea, just now. I want you to make a list of your own and comment on this 🙂 Please, I promise it’ll make your day just a little bit brighter.

1. A new book to read

Yes, I’m reading about 6 right now and I love every one of them ^_^ there’s nothing like a good book to a writer.

2. A song by Adam Young I haven’t heard before, or a blog I haven’t read, ect…

This one’s a little more rare but each time is worth the wait <444444 (His voice is AMAZING)

3. Seeing one of my dear ones

Just a simple hug from one of you could make my day, that or a message

4. When I successfully finish a chapter in my book

Writing of course, inspiration tends to fade in and out…

5. When Colin tugs on my shirt and looks up to me saying “I wanna hear screamo Tori!”

That needs no explanation.

6. Climbing up high on a cloudy/windy day and just standing there

Rain would be better, but I don’t get that anywhere near as often xP

7. A compliment.

Any sort, about pretty much anything, from pretty much anyone, don’t expect a verbal response though, it means the world to me.

8. Laughing, especially if someone else is laughing with me

Hearing someone else laugh tends to elect at least a giggle as well

9. Creating something on gimp

My lovely, yet slow computer won’t allow me to finish these projects but every so often

10. JESUS 🙂

A Bible verse I come across that just happens to be exactly what I needed, or just one of the amazing miracles He gives me every day ^_^

(random add on)

11. When I recognize someone’s voice in the mass during Praise and Worship

(Owl City’s remix of Breanna Duren’s spectacular song “Daydreams” also never fails to cause a smile)

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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