Time Lapse


The other day I was talking to my incredibly awesome Sir emperor fish Teabott (Otherwise known as Nicholas) was talking about the awesome thing that is Parkour. I had actually been thinking about such a thing for quite some time, but had never gained the audacity to actually try it. So I was determined to try such activity. Though, it’s not exactly something one can jump straight into and expect to be any good, much less not get severely injured. So… With my lack of physical activities since the summer, I had to get into shape a bit.

Finally the next day I made it outside and spent practically the entire way working myself up to cartwheels, flips, running, climbing, and other things I hadn’t done in months. In fact, I even made it up to what is now my favorite spot on our fort ^_^

One of the many times I attempted jumping over Colin’s monkey bars set I caught my knee on it and ended up with a pretty significant bruise. Did I care? Ha, who are you kidding, that was early in the day. Over the next couple of days I worked up to a flip (that I have yet to land) but then something happened. Yesterday every muscle in my body was sore. Moving became a pain. Sure it was worth it, but OWWWWW…!

Had I not gone for so long without at least jumping around every now and then, perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad. I don’t believe I’ll let myself get that bad again. But isn’t every thing that way..? If you let something go for so long, it kinda hurts to try to make it part of your life again. Isn’t that kinda like our relationships with God…?

Just saying…

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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