Relationships In Relation

I’m sure most of you have probably heard something along the lines of

“Put God first” or “your relationship with Him is more important than any other relationship” or perhaps “Keep God at top priority” or any variety of the above

Let me start off with stating the fact that all of that is wrong.

God doesn’t want to be first priority in your life, He shouldn’t be. Instead, He desires to be intertwined into every aspect of our lives, especially other relationships. If you place Him above everything in your life, simply treat Him as an idol, and only that, He’s so high up you can’t reach Him. Then again, if you don’t place Him somewhere, you forget He’s a part of your life and subconsciously try to go on without Him.

The way around this? Forget priorities as far as relationships go. Sure everyone has their ‘closest friends’, but you can’t always determine how your time is managed with each of them. For example, one of my closest friends I haven’t seen in almost 2 years because of circumstance. It’s not that I don’t make it a priority to see him, it just worked out that way.

In essence, you have to work around the road blocks instead of beating them continuously with a sledge hammer. Destroying a steady roadblock is pointless if you could simply walk around it and avoid the hazard it’s protecting. Let’s say you have a divine appointment with someone you’ve never met before, but you’re too focused on wishing someone else was here, or worrying about someone close to you, you’re gonna either miss or mess up your divine appointment because you were prioritizing all your energy into something you can’t do anything about.

When you can’t do anything else, and even when you can, the most helpful thing you can do is to pray. If you’re praying for someone you care about, odds are you will become closer to them eventually, prayer works if you believe it, especially joint prayer. If you are supposed to do something, pray you have the wisdom and courage to do what you’re supposed to do, instead of doing something stupid and accidentally messing something up.

Sometimes you have to remember, they may not want to spill everything to you, and while everyone has always told you “Just listen” there’s a time for that, but there’s also a time to listen to the silence. There is no sound without first silence.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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