Floating Red Marble

So yesterday I finished reading Showdown (Dekker) and yet again he has amazed me. Throughout the entire book my thinking was shattered and rebuilt. Around every page something else made sense. I loved it. In one part, I will spare you character names as to not spoil it, one boy saw a marble float off his desk. At first he thought he was simply imagining it, or perhaps his mind was being tricked, but he eventually came to the conclusion that this was real. After some time the marble coaxed him with movement to follow him. He wasn’t sure what else to do, his life as he knew it was a wreck. What could hurt following it? So he did, beyond where he had ever ventured. At first it kinda freaked him out, he tried to block the marble out as if it were evil, but he grew to think that it was different.

After following the marble through a dangerous path, he was lead to a safe place, where he met with the source of the marble’s flotation. The power of words is incredible. I know this might sound a bit odd if you haven’t read the book, but you don’t have to read it to understand.

Had he not followed the marble, other ways to get his attention could’ve been tried, but ultimately it could’ve meant his destruction. Sometimes God uses people and strange events in our life, maybe not as strange as levitating marbles, to get our attention. We can either follow it, or pretend we never saw it. The other day, I found a red and white marble, (No it wasn’t floating xP) But I picked it up and put it on my desk as a reminder. Sometimes you just have to trust Him.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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