Regret of knowledge

Over the last couple years I’ve been bothered with the question of knowledge and understanding. If you haven’t noticed by now our world is quite complex. None of us understand absolutely everything about it. In fact, the more we learn, the less sure of what we know we become. In biology I’m being taught that nothing we know about science is guaranteed to be true and one simple controversial discovery could throw off everything we ‘know’.

I’ve never been taught the theory of evolution to be anything but wrong, incorrect, and bad. Recently I read about the roots of it. In fact, I’ve wondered the same things myself. Though I had never read or heard the actual foundations of this theory, it still intrigued me. It’s true that with circumstance and environment every species has taken on small changes. There’s no saying that the Master Creator didn’t make them specifically to change in that way when the time came, such as frogs or butterflies. Christians have a reputation of being close minded because we tend not to be open to being wrong.

Knowledge is a great burden, God didn’t intend for us to have to bear it. Some scientists after years pursing the profession begin to lose their faith in God while others strengthen it. Why is that? One could say some people are simply not cut out to handle that kind of knowledge, or lack-there-of. It also could be due to the fact that the deeper one digs into knowledge, the more uncertainty they face. For example, most don’t know it, but Darwin started out with faith and belief in God. None other than him can know exactly what changed his train of belief, but it could be due to the fact the Bible only halfway supported his views. He vert well could have been afraid of being wrong.

In life, we tend to learn more from mistakes than by doing something right the first time. We all have those “I couldn’t do that again if I tried” moments, but when you try over and over to get something right, you adapt the right way by habit.

Perhaps we can never seem to find the ‘perfect and flawless’ explanation for science simply because we are unwilling to accept being wrong and we cannot comprehend the sheer complexity of it.

Life in essence is the same way. We worry about our futures, argue about what we as humans can and can’t do, justify our actions, ect… Thus we limit our capabilities, dash our faith, and depend on our own lack of knowledge to get us through life, therefore driving through fog with no headlights.

Technology is a fine example. Those of us who are not ‘technically inclined’ tend not to understand what happens between pressing a key and a letter appearing on the screen. Though, we have none or little desire to understand the very mechanics and inner workings of every device we use. We have attempted to in essence ‘copy’ the natural abilities I believe we as humans posses but do not understand much less use. Yes, I believe in telekinesis, teleportation, and a bunch of other things most people consider ‘demonic’. Why are they considered demonic? Because they are not understood. If you don’t understand how something works, then it must be evil right?

When everything fell back in the garden of Eden, what was it over?


We strive for knowledge, desire it, and attain it. In fact, we so desire knowledge that we will bend and break the rules to get it. Once you posses that knowledge, it changes the situation. A desire for knowledge may also lead one to false sources, therefore causing you to be worse of than you were when you were clueless.

Take drama and gossip for example, something goes down between two people you know, one of them was trash talking the other, or were they? So you hear about this, knowledge means the responsibility to act, therefore you have to do something. But what is there to do? You have to know more before you can do anything, so you dig deeper. The more you find out, the more you wish you had never been involved in this mess, and now both of them have made up and are mad at you for some reason. All because you heard something you weren’t supposed to.

With knowledge, some say you gain maturity. Though in some cases, the less you know the more sturdy you can be. Knowledge is attainable and sometimes desirable, but remember this, we were all better off in the first place without it. Without knowledge, there is no lack of knowledge, therefore no lack of faith. I suppose that’s what “Faith like a child” means.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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