The shadow the light casts

What do gnomes have to do with monks? I am not sure, perhaps I will never know, but one makes me think of the other and so on. I’ve just begun to read some of Ted Dekker’s novels and must I say I’m loving them. They pry into your mind, the very underlying thoughts that you don’t even know you have. I suppose that’s a part of what I love about them… Dekker has a way of drawing one into the mind of some mentally disturbed situation, without lack of details. The details is what creates the surrounding, what separates books from movies.

Movies create the picture for you, books call for you to create it yourself, but the writing preference of the author determines exactly how much of their world you create subconsciously, perhaps the most important part of writing is not the attention to detail, but the lack of it. Each shadow is created by light and the obstructions between the light and the subject. the author’s thoughts create a light, the words they concoct create the obstruction, and then you are faced with the shadow.

Also I’ve found the same significance within orchestral music which I have been listening to practically all day. The lack of words creates a beauty indescribable, were it not for a friend of mine I would have never considered orchestral music beautiful. I’ve always viewed it as boring, repetitive and annoying, but thus comes from comparing it with classical, or just listening to the wrong ones.

Our life is not only created by what we do, but also by what we don’t. Those little variables of open space and mystery, the thoughts that remain ours and only ours, our dramatic music without words.

Yes, yes, I know I’m weird…

All this to say, what is trust worth without a risk? Simply saying to your friend, “I trust you not to hit me with a car in three seconds” when you’re both standing on a sidewalk would mean nothing to them, why would you, how would you? Trust in a situation that holds certain risk on the other hand has meaning.

Now I bet I’ve got you thinking huh? 😉

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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