Rubber gloves

The other day, actually pretty much everyday for quite a while I’ve been contemplating my friendship with my clone, tsb, Vick. When I first met Vick, we were nowhere near as close as we are now. In fact we were sorta forced together, we carpooled for years, swam together, and I ended up sitting idly at her house for anywhere from 10 mins to an hour 2 or 3 times a week. All those times I either followed around her little sister or awkwardly stood there doing nothing. Towards the end of my time as a Seahawk things started changing. I’m not sure what clicked, but something did. We started talking, I guess it started when we found some common ground haha… In any case, we slowly started getting closer. It took some time, and coming off of our own separate premonitions and fears, but we’ve made it thus far.

When we first started out though, we were like Ash and Pikachu, not literally of course, but we didn’t trust each other. We knew we were stuck together, but I was wearing my rubber gloves and she was ready to electrocute me if I did something stupid. It took us getting chased by Spearow and my carrying Vick to the pokemon center, having Misty (Gabby) drag us out of the river and my crashing her bike, figuratively of course. But when we were first getting used to each other, I had to wear my rubber gloves to avoid getting shocked. Sure that made things uncomfortable for the both of us, but it was the only way to earn the trust necessary. So much went on between that point and now, but as you can see, we’ve gotten past the rubber gloves, and now well now, we’re still like Ash and Pikachu. ^_^ Sure I get ‘electrocuted’ every now and then, but it’s worth it. I just want you to know Vick, I’ll never ever give up on you.

I know some of you don’t like pokemon, in that case. Meanies xP

Please refrain from comment, if your opinion of Ash and Pikachu is negative. They are in fact quite awemazing, and there is a bazillion things one can learn from them. Thank you.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

One thought on “Rubber gloves

  1. Vick says:

    I love you Ash!! <4!! pi!

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