Something about me

I’ve seen some of these ‘random facts about me’ things all over the place, they’ve been circling as long as I can remember. First when we were kids we’d take a piece of paper and write random things about ourselves on it until it’s full (I think it was more fun with my imaginary friends ^_^), then came the 10-12 year old obsession of something we called email forwards. I’d get the same email slightly edited from about 3 or 4 different people and we’d keep sending them back to each other, what was so entertaining about this, to this day I still do not know. Then of course came the “OMW I’m 13, I can have a facebook now and I must do absolutely everything on facebook!” stage. Out of all the hours I spent on Neopets from age 10-13, I believe I wasted more time on facebook the second half year of my being 13. My 14th year I seemed to get a grasp on how useless and full of lies these things I did were, because truth is, out of all those things I filled out, I can honestly say not a single one of them is 100 percent true. Probably not even close to 50 percent true honestly.

All this to say, I’ll give you two facts about me that have been true for as long as I can remember.

1. I love watching a schoolbus full of teenagers pass my house when I’m already outside. It never, ever fails to bring a smile and a silent murmur of ‘losers’ or ‘HA!’.

2. I’m not really good at giving away random facts about myself, I’d rather keep them all hidden enough that only people interested and intelligent enough to figure them out for themselves will find.

So there you have it, I know it’s not your typical list of ‘100 things about me’ or whatever, but this is my version. If you know me for long enough, you’ll no doubt find out more about me, I verbalize key information about my personality on a daily basis, but only those who care enough to translate it will ever know what I meant.


Not many of us take much time to think about how much of ourselves is just lying out in the open for the world to see. Some of us might as well tattoo a list of our darkest secrets to our right arm or forehead, we’re not keeping them any better. Though, hiding an activated time bomb in your secret base isn’t too good of an idea either… As to all things in life, there is a balance, a balance that requires one finding it.


Truth is, nothing is very possible to find without His help. Let’s say you have a broken compass, most of us do. In your hands, a broken compass can be useless, especially if you can’t think straight. But if you give Him your broken compass, in His hands even the most destroyed and ripped to pieces compasses will work perfectly.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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