Dream come true

As some know and many are quite unaware,

It has been one of my lifelong dreams to learn how to skateboard.

Sure, it’s not the toughest task in the world, but for a girl who lives in between two high-traffic roads, doesn’t own a skateboard, and hardly goes anywhere one could have the opportunity to skate, it is most challenging. For as long as I can remember skateboarding was at the very climax of things I desired to learn. Years passed by, it seemed I would never have the opportunity to learn. By the end of this past year I began to lose hope, it seemed I would just never skate, sure my friends had offered to teach me, but we had never had the chance to get together.

Then, after waiting ever so long, I was able to hang out with my little brother Evan yesterday. At last, my little brother taught me how to skateboard. ^_^

So no matter how hopeless something seems, don’t give it up. One day you’ll get your chance, and it might even be better than you thought.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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