In fact…

“There’s a lot that you don’t notice when you read between the lines the futures out of focus when you’re blinded by the light it’s a hope for all the hopeless in the worst of trying times I resort to being speechless cuz I don’t want to lie” -Don’t Speak ~Jonas Brothers

What the purpose for sharing those lyrics was, I cannot remember, maybe I will later in the post… In any case I do really like them, couldn’t be more true… Sometimes something so very clear in front of you is missed because you are looking behind, under, above and around it… There are conclusions to which we find ourselves at that we don’t like, most commonly because it means we were wrong. Being wrong is a difficult thing to face, it could mean an apology, it could mean altering your life ever so slightly, or it could change everything. Perhaps the reason being wrong is so painful for us, is that our Creator is never wrong and if we simply would listen to Him, we could have very well been right…

Randomly today I spotted a song in an ad on my sidebar and I couldn’t help wondering what it was like. It was by one of my newly discovered artists Josh Wilson, I enjoyed the last song of his I listened to ever so much that I just had to investigate other masterpieces of his.

Five songs and an empty iTunes card later…

In order to be fully honest, I’d have to say that his lyrics are by far my favorite part of his work. The correctness of them, how they flow and say ever so much, just amazes me. But even that doesn’t compare to my very most favorite 2 artists…


How do you know a band is your absolute favorite? When someone asks you what your favorite song of theirs is and you are simply unable to pick one. Deciding between 3 or 4 is one thing, but when every lyric of pretty much every song brings a smile inside of you, whether you’re smiling on the outside or not is another.

Some can listen to music and like it, in fact love the band and know practically nothing about them. I, on the other hand must know oh so many details before a band may qualify to be one of my favorites. Music can be used to trigger absolutely any emotion, with or without lyrics. Each song carefully crafted, if not by the artist, then by who (or what) is leading them. Have you ever looked at the life of your favorite artist? Did you like what you saw? I sure did. Do yourself a favor and remember, when you listen to their music, you let them into your life.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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