Wintery Regrets

This cold weather has become tiring, from the girl who has worn short sleeves practically all winter, I’m ready for spring. Frostbite has finally lost it’s sting, I saw shy of 7 ladybugs taking shelter in our home this year, and frankly, I’m ready for missions again.

Maybe I’m one of the few, but winter has taken it’s toll, I’m quite ready to bid it farewell. But alas, we’re barely two weeks into January, so winter must stay a while longer. Maybe if the grass froze over again, I wouldn’t be so dreading the stay… Running and sliding on the ice contains much much more excitement than simply being cold and/or sick.

Sure some of my winter expeditions have caused me frostbite and pneumonia, but hey, it was worth it. Regret is more painful than a bad case of pneumonia if you let it settle in on you, but if you pretend it’s not there, you just might slip and fall to certain doom.
So whee is the line?
I have plenty of regrets within me, the past can be a depressing thing if you let it. I’ve tried soaking up regret, it doesn’t work well. I’ve tried acting as if nothing has EVER gone wrong in my life, just fine and dandy for me. No fall was ever so painful than one from a false hope. Finally I have found a place for regret. Treat regret as an ache in the back of your neck after a good concert, or maybe a bruise or scrape from having a good time with friends, or even a lack of voice from screaming “I am a peanut” or other such phrases too incredibly loud, sure it can be a pain, but each time that pain is remembered a smile cracks across one’s face. Don’t forget to smile. I have a certain friend who is relentlessly reminding me to smile, thank you for that, your effort has helped bring me to where I am now. ^_^

Live long and prosper, (Nol) Tori Lynn

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