A collaboration of thought

Looking at my list of possible drafts, I found myself un-intrigued by the idea of writing any of them. Resigning my list back down to a small icon on my screen I let out a sigh of exasperation, for this is a time where I really would like to write. I have the words, thousands of meaningless words ready for my love of writing to kindle them into something greater, but alas, no inspiration whatsoever. This has to be the most irritating of all forms of writer’s block.

But to no avail, for I SHALL find a subject. Sit right there until I return with a subject please, thank you. As a small business owner or secretary would say, “Your patience is greatly appriciated.”

Ahhhh…. books. A simple relief from anything, an easy way out of this hectic world and into another. But writing is a whole other story. Creating my own characters gives me such an ecstatic thrill that I long to meet them and spend countless hours talking with them, to see them in person, to hear their voice, or even to fight with them ^_^ Also there’s taking actual people from your life and combining them with others and yourself a bit until you come up with a character. Those characters I feel like I already know, and I can see bits of people in my life within each character and it never ceases to make me smile, or even cry when something happens to them.

On another point I watched the Emperor’s New Groove last night and I must admit I’m still laughing at it. YAY I’M A LLAMA AGAIN!!!! …wait….

In any case, I’ve dealt with loads of doubt as of late, I’ve been meaning to get here for quite some time, and I hath arrived. Doubt is deadly. God asks us to trust in Him, to cast our worries upon Him, yet we spend countless hours stressing over what to do. Last night I had a unique experience along with a friend of mine. I will not go into every detail, but I must say this, trust Him. Really trust Him, give Him everything. It’s harder than it sounds and easier than it would seem.

Another thought on my mind is replacement. We all know how it feels to be replaced, or to think we have been. But that’s exactly it. Sometimes we are replaced, others we just create it in our heads. It’s a sad thing to do, I know, but we do it just the same.

I apologize for the oddness of this post which I am just now coming to realize. But hey, you’re the one who chose to read it. ^_^

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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