The simplest of stories

Within seconds Konrad knew what was going to happen. His friend’s life was in danger and he had less than 3 minutes to save her. “Angy!” He screamed at the top of his lungs. He could see her now, she seemed to be bleeding severely from her right shoulder, or what was left of it. She was at least 20 feet below him, lying on a ledge. She looked up at him, no, was it? Yes, she was smiling, in fact laughing at him. “Angy?” She was beginning to scare him. What if she moved? She was inches from the edge and there was no telling what was down there. “What’s so funny?” The look in her eyes was a wild one, and it shook him. He looked up to the safety rope hanging a few inches above his head, there was no way he could get back to it if he went down for her. “Angy, I need you to stand up for me, we don’t have long.” He could hear the sound coming from below, a slow grating sound. Shadows began to creep closer to her and she couldn’t care less. “Konrad!” He jumped a little and looked up, and saw Nic looking down at him. “C’mon Konrad, before it gets you too!” her face covered with determination. He looked down at Angy again, “What about her?” Nic seemed in a hurry, I guess she didn’t feel like dying either. “If she would quit laughing and climb up here she could be safe too,” she paused a second to look at the delirious girl “But it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen.” He had to agree, Angy at this point was soaked in blood from her missing right shoulder. “Please, Angy! Snap out of it!” He was screaming at this point in order to override the growing noise. She just giggled at him again “Oh, they won’t hurt nobody, they’re kinda funny too!”  He shook his head and wiped away a tear, he had lost her.

Grasp after painful grasp he climbed the safety rope. He could hear Angy’s giggles echoing underneath him. Before long she went silent. He wanted to look down, but something inside him said not to so he kept climbing. Finally he had made it to the top. Nic embraced him and they both wept as a scream echoed from below. She held tight onto him as he burst into uncontrollable sobs. Darkness began to bleed onto the blue sky as it entangled into shades of purple and red, but Konrad sobbed on. As the last shred of light was shining Nic realized they didn’t need to be out after dark. Picking up her sobbing friend she made her way towards the village, only then did she realize they were both drenched with blood. With a new adrenaline rushing through her she bolted for the gate. After a couple miles her legs gave out and she almost dropped Konrad. It was cold, she could feel it seeping into her. Konrad looked up just in time to see his friend pass out. He knew the dangers of the night, he knew this cold feeling. It was beyond time to get Nic to safety. He wiped a couple hundred tears off his face and wrapped his arms around her. With one breath, he lifted her and was running toward the village. He felt an urge to go back, it was so much easier. He could’ve jumped down to where Angy was easily… No, he had to fight the thought, giving in was fatal. Her laugh was still echoing in his mind, this wasn’t going to be easy. He clung on to Nic tight, he wouldn’t let her go too. He had to get her back to safety.

Finally the gate was in sight. The sky looked pretty dark, but they’d bend the rules just this once, wouldn’t they? He began to kick the gate and shout, “Somebody, I need help!” He checked to see that Nic was still breathing and continued. After an hour had passed, none had come to open the gate. Konrad began to grow nervous, he couldn’t stay out here all night, what if Nic didn’t survive? No, he pushed the thought from his head. She will survive, as will I. He steadied himself against the gate and eased himself to the ground. “We will survive” the statement made him grin “You hear that? We will survive!” Satisfied, he lay Nic down beside him and eased her head onto his shoulder. Letting out a great sigh of relief, he drank in the night. He could feel the cold starting to creep upon them, but he drove it away. There was no fight, he prevailed easy. He had something more powerful than anything else on his side. Nic awoke slightly, long enough to look at him and smile before falling to sleep. Yeah, he could survive.

And thus ends my story.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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