Just another mailbox

We’ve all done it, you know what I mean, you’re tired, thinking, or just plain bored. Someone else is driving and for whatever reason, you really don’t feel like holding up a conversation. First thing you do, you look out the window.

All these things seem blurred at first, most of them continue to be; trees, houses, signs, people, and then of course there’s mailboxes.

Every time I see a mailbox pass the window, I can’t help but wonder, who gets mail out of it every day? What are their lives like? Do they go to church? Do we have a mutual friend? Is there any way I’d ever know them?

By the time all these questions run through my mind, I’ve already passed the mailbox, and then comes another, and another. How many opportunities do we pass by, like just another mailbox?

I’d like to meet an unusual friend this year, at least one, by nothing but simply being in the same place at the same time. Maybe it’s a futile wish, but it’s still my subtle hope….

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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