He’s by your side

We all go through those times in our life where hiding under something preferably large and soundproof for a couple years seems like the best option. There’s always a point in our lives where it would seem nothing could ever go right again. There’s a time when something challenges everything we knew to be true and our lives collapse.

These are the times when we turn to Him. Sometimes the only way we would look back up at His face is with ours covered in tears. Sometimes we build up such a pride that we have to break before we can build. Some buildings can be rebuilt, renovated, ect… Some are just so old, outdated, and broken down, the only way to rebuild is to demolish it first.

There are times in our lives where we must return to His arms in tears, where we must admit that we didn’t trust Him, that we must apologize between sobs for letting our fears take us away from Him. He’s waiting for us to run back to Him. No reprimanding, just rebuilding. He loves you.

I recall a Tenth Avenue North song at this moment,

“Why are you striving these days
Why are you trying to earn grace
Why are you crying
Let me lift up your face
Just don’t turn away

Why are you looking for love
Why are you still searching as if I’m not enough
To where will you go child
Tell me where will you run
To where will you run

And I’ll be by your side
Wherever you fall
In the dead of night
Whenever you call
And please don’t fight
These hands that are holding you
My hands are holding you

Look at these hands and my side
They swallowed the grave on that night
When I drank the world’s sin
So I could carry you in
And give you life
I want to give you life” -By your side ~Tenth Avenue North

Think about those lyrics, hold them dear in your heart. Treasure them, and pray. You will find your way back to the surface in time, but first you must recover. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here, but even more than I, He is.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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