An Xtreme sort of New years weekend

So upon returning home this day, I was consumed with much I was behind on, with pictures to upload, stuff to unpack, posters to hang, I hate to admit it but I surely thought about skimping on you guys and giving you a simple “Skillet is amazing ;)” and leaving it at that, but tis naught. I would be much too ashamed to do so, and I would feel much unaccomplished and guilty. I couldn’t bear to do so.

In any case, New years eve was pretty much the best day of my life. This whole weekend was amazing. I shan’t bore you with every detail, but I must describe my first skillet concert ^_^

After much frustration over Newsong not really being my type of music, talking to some of my awesome peeps, and purchasing skillet merchandise, the countdown began. Us awesome people had squirmed our way to the very front, close enough for Ben Kasica to sweat on us, not that we weren’t already drenching ourselves….

We probably looked a tad bit insane, Skillet hadn’t come out quite yet, though we had caught sight of Jen Ledger, and we were already screaming our heads off. But as soon as they started on Hero we went even crazier. We were all head banging and screaming out every word, well those of us I could see through my hair… Evan and I, Jordan, Sam, Kale, Cori, ect… EB was awkwardly standing in the middle of us not really planning on going crazy like us. By the time they started Sometimes we were all drenched, worn, and voiceless. But we kept going. It was the most amazing thing ever. I cannot wait until I see Skillet in concert again. They will always be one of my favoritest bands in all the universe.

Of course first thing the next morning, I said “good morning” in a raspy voice ^_^ and I had an unidentified pain in my neck, which by the way is still there, I bear it proudly.

I might assume the task of mentioning other parts of the trip, but it is in it’s whole being indescribable. You guys are awesome thanks for reading. XW was life changing. Thank you to everyone who helped make that possible. “Jesus loves the lion king” xD (I just lost the game)

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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