2010, would you please step back?

Another year about to pass us by, tis our next to last day in it. I would write to you all tomorrow, but I’m heading out to Gatlinburg TN for an EPIC Twentyfour/7 trip ^_^ Looking back, I’m not quite 100 percent sure what to think of this past year. All I can say in complete honesty is that it’s behind me and may God use what I have learned to help me penetrate the foggy future like a beam from a distant lighthouse.

I have resolved a few things for the following year;

I plan to fight diligently, never give up, be there when I should be, be a better friend, sibling, daughter, leader, ect…., I will give God my full life in all it’s entirety, I will increase my knowledge of certain said hobbies of mine, I will learn Psalm 37 by memory, I will release these bad habits of mine, I will be Jack Sparrow (figuratively of course 😉 hehe), I will value what I have, treasure what is mine, I will never forget last year, and I will work feverishly on my book.

Those are just a few of the many things my mind has promised itself to do in the next 365 days, 366 if you count tomorrow, which I don’t really…. In any case, we all have our plans, but will we carry them out? That’s for you to chose. As you look back on the past 364 days, think, what have you left behind? Who’s life have you failed to impact positively? Where have you scattered blades instead of friendship?

Now, you probably have this weight in your chest, that’s about how I feel at this moment. Now, I want you to think about all those lives you HAVE impacted, think about what you have done, think about how God has used you, think about who you mean the world to.

Now, you probably have some sort of mixed feelings about the past year, and I want you to do one more thing.

Take a deep breath, and put it behind you. You never have to live it again, it’s over, it’s gone. No, you never have to forget it, by all means don’t, let it affect you how is best to. Hold the memory dear in your heart, never let it go. Things will never be the same, but some things might find their way back into your life. Never make a decision without praying about it, trust Him with your whole life. You can be a Christian and still try flying solo. Guess what?


Please, don’t try it, and if you are, please, for your own good and for those who love you, please stop.

This shall be my last post to you in this year, tomorrow morning, 6am, I embark on a journey. Also I get to see one of my favorite bands in concert of the first time ever ^_^ MEEP

In all truth and honesty, I hope you have an extraordinary New Years.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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