Don’t think

I recall a certain quote from a movie I just watched, it sent chills though me and rang in my head like one of those annoying sounds you can’t seem to find the source of. My parents surprised us and took us to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader this evening. What a splendid title, it makes the movie even sound magnificent at the mention of it. Though after saying it a couple times, one begins to trip and stumble over the length.


The quote,

“Don’t think, don’t let it know your fears, if you let it know your fears, it will become them.”

Yes, yes… Tis a lot to contemplate. Don’t even begin to think “It’s only a movie” because it’s not. Fears are very powerful, the enemy is real, and fear and deception are their greatest weapons.

Stand up, don’t arm your enemy. Arm yourself, stay away from fear, it will only bring you down. You are protected, in a strong fortress, armed and guarded. Don’t jump out in the open and throw your armor to your opponent, you have the upper hand unless you lower it.

I would highly suggest watching this movie, but don’t watch it just to be another movie, look behind the movie, tis much more back there than meets the eye.

Live long and Prosper, Tori Lynn.


One thought on “Don’t think

  1. craig schaffer says:

    Tori, Thank you for reminding us of this. Even though we “know” what you wrote is true, it is easy to forget.

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