Something amazing

So, as I was thinking about my challenge about the thousand words, something came to my mind. The original expression could’ve been simply over something that was failed to be captured in a still image, but remains deep, imprinted into one’s brain, accessing those images, the sheer possibilities…..

Well, tonight was one of those times, as we say “Too Epic for pictures”. Just inexplainable, but yet, amazing. Who would’ve thought paper weapons could be so important? Simple, yet more meaningful than just about anything else… God is truly amazing. I trust Him, with every part of my life. Especially after seeing all He’s done so far… Not that He hasn’t displayed His abilities many times before, but when you have a really amazing day, you just have to say “wow”. I hate to say I haven’t thanked Him nearly as much as I should have… Either way, I’m glad to say He has blessed me greatly and I know without a doubt that He is working everything out for the better of fulfilling His will, taking care of those I deeply care about, and then lastly my own benefit, only because I have specifically asked for this order. He is truly amazing. <4

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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