I’m aware of how odd I am, Thank you.

The pounding in my lungs reminds me of the heavy beat of my heart as I gasp for breath. I wipe tears out of my eyes and try to speak to no avail.

Isn’t laughter an awesome thing? Or was I talking about Screamo?………

Either way, both things excite me to no end. If you don’t know me very well at this point your mouth is dropped open and your eyes have enlarged and something similar to “Oh my word..” is spilling out as you wonder how in the world Tori likes Screamo. Or maybe you’re just simply thinking “Cool…” I honestly do not know, it depends, once again on who you are. Most of my close friends already know of this so if you don’t understand, it’s okay, some of them don’t either.

My point is, The sheer adrenaline that builds during just one song still amazes me, whether it be TDWP, Haste the Day, Demon Hunter or one of the other many amazing bands. Although I (sadly) have never actually been to any of their concerts, I’m sure the energy is THAT much larger in person.

After explaining to you my long, rambling, thoughts about screamo, I want to say something that you non-screamo fans will understand.

My extremely long point is, we all have things we can leave our problems behind in, most of us have a lot of them, some of us only a few, but whatever they are, use them. If it’s acting like a complete loser while head banging at an imaginary concert, go for it. Who cares?

We all have things that make us laugh, some are better to do alone, some better with your best friend, some just a group of some of the awesomest people on this planet. I mean, a real concert is so much cooler than an imaginary one, right?

Give a gift, Smile, Read a book, Dream, Dare to love someone, Live your life, Be yourself, and take some of your own advice.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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