My first thousand words

In reality, this is but a portrayal of an image that could have never been captured, in a sense this amazing scene does not exist but was created. But for sure the amazing story this image shows is of our Saviour’s death. In all truth, that is not what the image is meant for, but for his life. Jesus took His final breath on this cross before dying, in three days time, He returned from death giving us, His followers forgiveness if we are to accept and follow Him. But that is no where near all, before dying on this cross He was beat to a point of non-recognition, spit upon, and charged unfairly. The simple pain of being nailed to the cross probably outweighs any pain the average person has ever experienced, much less everything else He was put through. Imagine someone you know doing something stupid, the penalty being death and you took their blame. Can you imagine the emotion that would come with taking on every sin ever committed or to be committed? He went through all this and probably more that we never even heard of. Even His disciples, His close friends, abandoned Him. Sure Peter followed Him, but he denied knowing Jesus. Can you imagine the sheer pain of the closest person to you denying they knew you? Worst of all, He knew it would happen. I won’t even begin to ask you if you can imagine the pain He went through, because I know you can’t. We can try, but none of us know. Some say the cross scene to be beautiful, others say it to be horrifying. In all truth and honesty, I myself find it to be horrifyingly beautiful. There’s a certain beauty we all see in this, for many reasons. The pain He went through, He went through for us. Every step of the way He could’ve called it all off and saved Himself. He chose to follow God’s will instead. This is where we all duck our heads if only a little in shame as the remembrance of those times we gave up on God’s plan in the midst of it. The difficulty of sticking to something so hard that one could easily save themselves from is inexplainable. The beauty in this scene lies behind it all as in most images, captured or created. I imagine the sheer pain those watching must have felt (Those who followed Him anyway) knowing they couldn’t stop it. He gave us more than we could have ever imagined had we not been told the story. He gave us back what we threw away, the true example of forgiveness and love. That’s how Christmas started. He came to this earth knowing He would die a terrible death. That’s why He as sent. Now take that thought and process it a bit. Take it as your child, sending them to a rough place where you knew, without a doubt, they would be killed. Now, does it seem like such an “easy” thing to do? Sometimes we try to sugarcoat the whole story and make it some sappy children’s story. In all truth and honesty, there’s a reason why “The Passion” is rated R. The full reality, Jesus’ life wasn’t all picture perfect, He was faced with every temptation that we are, His death was not the only tough thing He faced in His lifetime. He went His whole life without sinning, do you think that was an easy thing? I don’t know what kind of peer pressure He faced when growing up due to the huge difference in culture, but I’m sure there was some of some sort. Again, His death wasn’t nearly the only thing He went through. One of the many parts of His life that really stands out to me is in the garden. When He was praying, asking God that He would take this from Him, but if it’s the only way, his will be done. Jesus Christ is absolutely amazing, He’s perfect in every way and He died for us so that we may live eternally with Him. Maybe you don’t understand what that means, you might even say “I’d give up my life for someone I love, why not a bunch of people?”, but what you don’t realize is that you would die at some point anyway. You wouldn’t really be giving up your “life”, but only the rest of it. Why do we die anyway? Because the penalty of sin is death. But since Jesus never sinned, He didn’t HAVE to die. Had He not died for us, He never would’ve had to. He actually GAVE His life away, a life that would not have been taken otherwise, are you beginning to grasp this now? Most times we don’t really take the time to think what He gave up. When we give someone a Christmas or birthday present, normally we lose some money we could’ve spent on ourselves and a couple hours, maybe even less. So it normally doesn’t really set us back much, sure there are gifts we give that we really sacrifice for. Maybe serving some of your time into something you care about, but still, nothing like giving up your free ticket away from death. Sure, He knew He’d rise again, but He still could’ve skipped out on all that pain. The thing is, His endurance alone out-does any human you could even think of knowing. Every part of his life amazes me. Though He is now back in Heaven, He left us with the Holy Spirit so we are yet not alone. We don’t have to go a single day without Him by our side, and with Him on our side, who can stand against us? All our enemies shall fall, none shall succeed when He is on our side. When you really think about it, there is nothing more amazing in this world, but when you TRULY think about it, He created this world didn’t He? Every part of it amazes me.

1008 words, not too bad… Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that somehow I was able to affect your day. Now, I must go figure out why in the world I’m up this early…. Farewell

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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