Leave it at the cross

As travelers in this world, we are all faced with choices, which road to take, how much to pack, what to leave behind, who to bring with us, who to kick into the ditch before they eat all our supplies and try to kill us with our own weapons, ect….

But there is a point, when all our loads, no matter what measure, yes even that little bag right there, get so heavy and wear on us to the point we lose our sense of direction. Sometimes life bears down on us to the point where there is only left to drop everything we carry at the foot of the cross.

Of course things are much better when we do this before getting to the point of exasperation, but once we’re at that point, only worship and prayer may help. We forget that He wants to help us carry all our loads, not just the really big one. A bunch of little loads might not weigh as much as the big one, but they become harder to carry when they keep slipping out of your sweaty hands.

There is nothing like worshiping the amazing God who made us and sent His son to pay for our sins. Can you imagine where you’d be without the blood of Christ? I know exactly where I’d be, and it’s not a good place. I don’t even mean where you’d end up, I’m talking this very moment. What would you have done differently in your life that would’ve put you in a different place?

Let’s don’t get so wrapped up in everything that we forget to worship. Worship is between you and God, if you don’t worship sincerely, you don’t have a sincere relationship with God. Worship, like love isn’t an emotion, but an action. Don’t get freaked out if you’ve insincerely worshiped, I have to at points in my past. But just don’t do it again, He deserves all you have, if you feel like it or not. He won’t make you, but it’s what we’re to give Him, and none are more worthy than Him.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


One thought on “Leave it at the cross

  1. Brielle says:

    Just what I needed… 🙂 ❤

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