Was it really just a year?

Today I set out on an adventure through every photo from this long year of 2010. As I flip through the dates, it amazes me that it’s only been a year… From bringing in the new year with KJ-52 at Xtreme winter to exactly a month from today when we send it out with Skillet, it’s been a different kind of year. I know this isn’t the first time I’ve looked over this past year and I can promise you that within this month of December I’ll do it at least one more time. I still have to catch myself every now and then, because I can’t help but wonder what made this year so incredibly long? So much has changed since that first day of the year. I remember clearly trying to stay awake during the morning session at Xtreme winter, we were so knocked out from the night before. I remember it all clearly…

Eventually I find myself going to see To Save a Life in theaters and then going to Angelfood the next morning. About this time is when I began to develop a friendship with my TSB Vick Walcott. All of a sudden, it’s snowing and I spent a snow day with my dear Victoria Mitchell and we decapitated a turtle as we fell into the snow leaving behind our “falling marks”…

I remember the super bowl, inventing colts cookies with Victoria Kale and Brielle, I remember cheering on the colts even after they lost, and especially blaming the sad defeat on Ert-Pat as we beat his head with water bottles on a trash can. I still find it hard to believe that this was all still in the same year I’m in now…

Victoria and I started our “company” “Ick Inc” to begin raising money for our trip to Costa Rica by taking pictures and cleaning houses. We called Blake for the famous “Vroom vroom I’m baking cookies on a bus” and we’l always remember that.

Flash forward just a bit and Kale and I are signing up for Kidschurch and not long after V Evan and Jordan joined us, before you know it we’re at the Ignite children’s conference, and shortly after the bedtime story is born. Then we find ourselves at Falls lake with the baby sharkies and sand wars just before pollen angels, Finding myself in April we began practicing our dramas for VBS in Costa Rica and eventually setting up Twentyfour/7 south where we find Evan and Kale to be cousins. Then came the women’s conference where we somehow managed to dress like the horrid 90’s just before the Five/7 jam. Next came the ninja wars at the Lowery’s house and before too terribly long my mom left for Costa Rica and we became temporary Mitchells for a week. V and I had our walks and candy but sadly it came to an end just before our long expedition, but we knew Costa Rica for us wasn’t too far off. Twentyfour/7 had their school’s out party where I was thrown into a pool and we all were able to spray Matt in the face with silly string, finally V and Vick were able to meet after watching V preform in “The Wiz” and we discovered Caleb’s fear of the dark. At last I find myself in Costa Rica where times are just too much to describe, Evan became my little brother ^_^ and Costa Rica changed my life forever…

From meeting “Storm troopers” at Despicable me to all those times at the YMCA, before I knew it, my summer was over and I was 15. There’s no point summing up the last couple of months which I guess you could say there was no point in summing up what I already have, but the point is, so much has happened this past year, and it’s still not completely passed. But out of everything that’s happened, I don’t know what I’d do different if I had the chance. Honestly, things have gone their course and I really wouldn’t want to go back and change them. Sure, I like most people have regrets, but if I had the chance I don’t think I would go back.

Sorry to bore you with my rambling, I apologize greatly, maybe I’m the only one who thinks this was an incredibly fast but yet extremely long year, maybe I’m just odd like that. Who really knows? Either way, what’s done is done and what’s over is over and all that’s left to do is skip on happily into the sunset of December. Who knows what this month holds before the next year unfolds on us? Not me, but I’m sure glad to have shared my past with such awesome people. God has used even the most dreadful of situations to bring out new and better ones. I know that while I sit stranded on this island and my ship has been stolen, I remain captain of the Pearl and one day I’ll get it back. Meanwhile, I’m glad to not be alone on these here shores.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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