Everyone knows Ice cream is cooler when it’s melting.

So, I was randomly hit with the sudden (insert really cool word here) inspiration that we as writers thrive on and I must use it. So at this very moment I record a short story that I thought up in my head in about 20 mins or less, here goes nothing.

Once there was this boy, his name was Jaryed. He secretly admired his name, it was a constant reminder to him that he wasn’t like anyone else in this world. Even his siblings shared no resemblance to his appearance, or much less his personality. In fact, he felt out of place everywhere he went, but most especially in his family. He often planned his escape, he just needed something, anything to find someone of an alike mind, or even close. While he claimed to himself to enjoy his uniqueness, he in fact hated it. One night alone in his room, he began to wonder if he could indeed survive on his own. It was a thought that never failed to keep his insomniatic mind awake at night. But this night the thoughts plagued him unceasingly and he couldn’t resist trying. Carefully climbing out of his loft not to make any noise he noticed his younger siblings sleeping soundly as he passed their beds, some of them even were smiling in their sleep. He shook his head ever so slightly, he could not remember a night where he had slept soundly, he had good nights of sleep every now and then, but never a full one. Finally after what seemed ages of carefully choosing each step as to not make one of those annoyingly loud creaky noises Jaryed had reached the far window.Climbing onto the roof was nothing compared to opening that stubborn thing, but at last it was done.

Climbing out onto the roof, Jaryed filled his lungs with the icy cold air as he leaped to the ground. The average person would’ve been terrified to just jump like that, but I already told you, he’s not. Two stories later his feet hit the cold hard ground and he was free. The shipyards were only a day’s journey away and he carried enough food to last himself that far. As the sun began to peek out over the ocean, he breathed in a sigh of relief, his foster parents would understand, or at least he knew they wouldn’t come after him. Before an hour had passed he could see the sails rising in the distance and he knew one day he could become something great. Working as a hired crew member wasn’t exactly ideal to the average person, but with a mind like Jaryed’s one could become captain at the young age of 17. Embarking on this journey meant more to him than just moving on in his life, it meant starting where he wished he’d never left off.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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