Fuzzy memories and faded dreams, cold hands and holey jeans. The rain consumes me as I look to the sky, and I ready my wings cause I’m dying to fly. Resting and waiting, daring to recover. All these calamities just seem to hover over me… There’s nothing left to wonder, winter’s on it’s way. Everything’s different but nothing’s changed. I could be more blunt but it I’d feel the recoil and my stamina’s just too low for that now. A cold breeze nips at my damp eyes, and once again the sun’s going down.

These are the times when I look up and smile, I can’t help but feel Him by my side every step of the way.  Let His love pour down on you. Breath. Feel alive again. This isn’t over yet. I hear again, “Just wait, all you’ve learned will be worth the price, this pain is nothing compared to the turnout.” Just hold on, and when you’re in too much pain to hold on any longer, He’l hold on for you until you rest your sore and bleeding hands. Just give Him your praise regardless of your situation and one day you’l see the sun again. We can’t be underground forever, but sometimes that’s where we have to hide.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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