These dreams of mine, they tease me.

I must say, don’t you hate it when things don’t go the way they should have? I sure do… Especially when I know there’s absolutely nothing I could’ve done to change things. All that’s left at this point is to get up, wipe of your dusty jeans, and move on.

But don’t let your dreams continue to taunt you, if you do then you’l end up all depressed and eventually turn into a monster. That’s not such a pretty picture now is it? One cannot let such things into one’s mind. It destroys a person at the very core relentlessly once it has begun. You must put a stop to it before it finds a way in. Sure, I can still see these dreams of mine, but I don’t doubt in them, and I no longer allow my self to think of how it could be. Yes, of course thoughts may wonder as they like, and when Don’t say goodbye comes on, one can’t help but tear up, but that doesn’t mean it should rule one’s life.

Sometimes, you just have to put your trust in God that He’l turn it all around in time. Once you’ve done your part, you have to settle down a bit and let time do it’s job. As long as you’re not picking at the wound, time heals. Remember that, and let it run it’s course.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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