Ok, I know this is short, but it’s allot to think on, so go ahead.

So, a while back Julian Smith posted a video called “Pre-Blessed food”, I have the link up there. In a hidden message the video shows how little we care to pray nowadays. It’s funny, as he said, it matters enough that we know it needs to be done, but we don’t really care to do it ourselves. Allot of our relationships with God are like that. Also after much criticism, he posted a response blog, (link also above) explaining how he had meant for it to come across, you may read it for yourself.

Thing is, I find it funny how quick people were to jab at him, even his own fans without seeing what he really meant. Just goes to show you, this world tends to judge only what we don’t understand. It’s fairly easy for most to judge something they don’t understand, it happens all the time. I believe some people even judge my blogs while I don’t know that for sure. People will always judge, that’s just a fact. Don’t let it affect you. I don’t most times. Sometimes I don’t even notice criticism anymore. If you intend to make my life harder, save yourself the trouble and give up now, thank you.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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