So, as you might know, I have developed a new liking to the Jonas Brothers. Not only is their music amazing, but so is their story. In the past, I’ve looked up some artists that I like, and been highly disappointed sometimes to the point I stop listening to them. That has actually been the very opposite for the amazing Jonas Brothers.

Yes, at one point, I hated them. But only because of their popularity and seemingly over-rated-ness. Basically, I hated them, because I didn’t know or understand why everyone else was so crazy about them. But now, they amaze me, why?

I must say it all started when Camp Rock 2 came out. At that point I owned some of their stuff, but it had been long since I last listened to it. Slowly after that I started pulling out my old CD’s. I still have one yet to find though…

Either way, I am highly impressed with the Jonas Brothers, and they remain in my top 6 favorite bands. Not only because I love their music (which I do) but they’re not fakes, posers, jerks, and they’re not stuck up in all their fame.

Sorry if you don’t like the Jonas Brothers and this has been a bunch or babbling to you, but maybe you would change your mind if you did the research I’ve done today. Not only are they an awesome band, but it’s a band made up of awesome people.

They have a unique story and they stand out of the crowd. I’d suggest you look them up. Never judge a person by your first look at them. Even famous people.

(If you want to know how to “research” someone and you really don’t know, come talk to me)

Sorry I don’t have a more recent picture of them up here, I just thought this one was awesome xD and I have no idea how old it is btw











Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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