Just Smile

So, with the swelling and all I haven’t been able to smile since Monday without experiencing high levels of pain. Last night at Twentyfour/7 thanks to all my wonderful friends I experienced high levels of pain since I just couldn’t stop myself from smiling. But it was worth it I think. Sometimes the enemy likes to use depression as a very powerful tool against us, and it works most the time. I couldn’t help but notice that lots of people just keep having one bad day after another and everyone seems to walk with their heads down. (speaking for myself too) There seems to be an attack in sequence at the moment, and it keeps getting worse. My challenge. Just smile. Not only will you make your own day better but someone else’s day too.

But now, if you’d like to take the next step in beating this thing, go encourage at LEAST 5 people in your life, at LEAST. But remember, you are NOT doing this for me, you’re doing it for them. You could completely turn their day around, or you might be that last step they needed to make it through, you never know.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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