So today of all boundless days, I have experience a new kind of pain. When something grows in sideways, threatening to crowd out others of it’s kind in a destructive way, it must be removed.

aka my four pitiful wisdom teeth.

I’ve been told I’m very young to have them in and removed, so I take that as a compliment, I think.

I must say, I’ve never had my mouth numb before, it felt really weird. More than that, the loopy gas was highly disappointing. I can’t recall most of the experience, I was awoken a little after 8:30 being told i couldn’t have anything to eat or drink and I had fifteen minutes to be ready to leave. rolling out of bed and throwing on some clothes, of course not having time to brush my hair I grabbed my favorite hoodie. The ride to the “Oral Surgeon” was uneventful, upon arriving I read in the waiting room for a decent amount of time before being admitted. The “Oral Surgeon” seemed to be taking his time, but finally after coming in, they looked at my teeth and took an X-ray. The rotating machine has always fascinated me, I’m not quite sure why.

Before long i was back in the grey dentist chair, I must say the red one was much more comfortable… it had arm rests with straps on it, I thought about strapping myself in, just for the purpose of seeing if i could get out… 😉

Before long the Surgeon was in the room and I had a mask over my face with “loopy gas” in it. Before long my arms went numb and I could see my heart beat growing slightly slower on the monitor. Before i knew what was happening, I was awake and in the car somehow, at home. What happened in that time,  have NO clue. I stumbled into the house and fell asleep on the couch again, and my cheeks have swelled up so I look like an obese person…

So most of all, I’m sore, my mouth is bleeding, BUT the good news is, well, I should be recovered in time for Twentyfour/7 come Wednesday and plenty recovered for the Skillet concert in Dec ^_^

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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