but not for long

Sometimes it has to be let go, sometimes you get pulled away. Sometimes you have to let them think they’ve won, in order for you to regain health. We must recover, we must heal these wounds they’ve left on us. We can no longer sit pouting in this wasted campground. They’ve taken some things from us, worry not. We shall recover all that was lost and gain even more. Sometimes the greatest of treasures must be hidden for a time. Not forever of course, then what would be the point of hiding them away? Hide them in your weak times, let Him heal your wounds. Stay away from your enemies for a short time, let them fight on by themselves. You can’t leave them forever or they’l eventually figure out where you’re hiding. Don’t let them get to you in your weak moments. If you find yourself helpless in a battle, call to Him, you can’t fight it on your own.

Whatever you do, don’t forget about the treasure awaiting you. The enemy will try to tell you that you lost it, that it was destroyed or taken away from you long ago, or that you never really had it. False information will drain you if you believe it. Fill yourself with the truth. Don’t let your treasure go, you’ve fought for it for so long, so hard. Remember when you first found it. Refill yourself with that joy and never let it go. Let go a battle cry that will frighten even the strongest of your enemies and charge at them with full force. When you have the true strength of the Lord and you’re wearing His armor, nothing can stop you.

Your treasure might be hidden away for a time, but not for long. Because (say it with me) What takes 10 years will take (10 months) what takes 10 months will take (10 weeks) what takes 10 weeks will take (10 days) what takes 10 days will take (10 hours) what takes 10 hours will take (10 minutes) what takes 10 minutes will take (10 seconds) and what takes 10 seconds SUDDENLY!

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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