I want my mountain

So after listening to an amazing message from Peter Daniels tonight, I realized something. Fear isn’t gonna get you anywhere, it won’t do you any good. It will only hurt you. He kept saying over and over, “What is this mountain you want?” meaning what is your dream? your goal in life, what are you willing to trade your life for?

I know what my dream is, i know what I’m going to trade my life for, and guess what? I WANT MY MOUNTAIN.

I might sound a little mental right now but partially because I am a little bit mental, most Christians are, the real ones anyway…. I’ve got God intertwined into every aspect of my life and I’m a writer, the combination of the two makes me a mental Jesus freak and proud of it.

I’ve got the besterest friends in the world and I don’t know what I’d do without them, God has a plan for my life and I love it. Had I heard of this plan about two years ago, I would’ve hated it and done anything and everything in my power to stop it and throw it off. But now, I know what needs to happen and it’s gonna happen, I’m gonna get my mountain, and nothing can stop me. Doubters just means I’m accomplishing something. The greatest success stories NEVER got there without people trying to stop them or get in their way, even if they thought they were doing it for the better of everyone.

I’m getting my mountain and I’d suggest you get yours too. (If you need help or advice feel free to contact me)

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn


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