Bumping into

I’ve often wondered, sometimes daydreamed what it would be like to randomly bump into someone while you’re walking by and somehow create a friendship of sorts between two people who had it not been for their clumsiness never would have met. It would be quite an amazing experience indeed I think….

I once had an experience with bumping into one, but not quite the experience I have just described. Almost a year ago January 2nd I believe of 2010, Kalee, Caleb and I were walking out to the merchandise tables before a couple bands played and an amazing speaker (I can’t quite recall who but I’m thinking it was Urgan Caner) had begun his message. We didn’t have much time until it all started so we were in a tad bit of a rush, maybe it was new years day, I just can’t quite put my finger on it…. But we were scooting along the wall since it was the fastest was through the crowd, but we failed to notice an overwhelmingly long line. Before we knew it Caleb was screaming for some reason I can’t recall and we bumped into this guy, he seemed nice but then we realized someone was taking a picture with him. He started messing with us “What do you guys just like bumping into random pictures?” we talked with him a little bit and introduced ourselves and after apologizing again we ran back into the crowd. Almost at the same time we all three turned back and looked at him before continuing. Before long we came to the conclusion that we had run into Jeffrey Gilbert, the drummer for Kutless. It was an interesting feeling realizing that for a brief minute or so, we had done something that hundreds of Kutless fans would have paid to be able to do.

and that was the day that I bumped into Kutless.

It might sound crazy and a little far fetched but I still believe one can meet another simply by accidentally bumping into them. You probably at this point think I’m crazy, but for all of my close friends, I met them in different ways and our friendship each has a unique story. I still believe one day I’ll have the pleasure of meeting someone in that unigue way of just so happening to run into each other, who knows, maybe I will. But aside from all that, at this moment I couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones I have so it’l probably be a while, and I don’t mind.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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