Flying Blind

I’m flying blind at the center of the storm, too close to the water one wrong move could be my last. I’m running out of time but I’ve got forever to go, the lightning growing closer, the storm is tossing the waves closer to my plane. Each second the storm grows more intense, if I hit the water I’ll sink for sure, if lightning hits me first I don’t even have to worry about the water because I’ll be fried long before the first drop hits me. One could think of it as an adventure, a life-threatening adventure at that. It’s draining trying to pilot this plane through storm after endless storm. Where is the end? Which way is out? Am I just flying deeper into the storm? How close am I to the water? It’s so dark in here and it’s growing darker. I know I can make it out of this storm, I know there IS a way out, but I need to find that way and find it before I either sink or get electrocuted…

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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