Sometimes life is just a pain. It hurts, everything takes forever, nothing goes your way. Sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and give in. Sometimes you wish someone hurt like you do. Sometimes you feel alone. Sometimes you wish your life to end. Sometimes you feel like nobody would care if it did. Sometimes you wonder why your life seems to be harder than anyone else’s. Sometimes you feel abandoned. Sometimes you get betrayed. Sometimes those you love will stab you in the back. Sometimes you just don’t care anymore. Sometimes you wish everybody’d just shut up. Sometimes you wish you weren’t such a mess. Sometimes you wish so much didn’t rest on your shoulders. Sometimes you wish everybody didn’t have such high expectations for you. Sometimes you wish they’d just stop “caring”. Sometimes nobody will understand you. Sometimes all people can seem to do is leave you with open wounds. Sometimes people will yank out from under you the very foundation He built for you.

These are the times you praise Him in the storm. When you are sinking, turn to Him. He’s the only one who can get you out of this. He knows exactly what you need. No matter how He helps you, He knows what you need and He’l give it to you. He’l always be there for you even when those around you don’t understand. He’l remove the poison. He will heal your open wounds every time someone opens them back up. He will help you when others only hurt you. He will give you companions to help you make your journey. He won’t abandon you, ever. Let His love pour down on you, feel alive again. Breath. Don’t let them win.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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