Writer’s block

What exactly is it? Everyone who writes anything uses these two words, but what do they really mean? What is the story behind these two very intimidating words that make the best of writers shudder?

Well, if it were my story it would go something like this;

One is walking down a stormy path, paved over with asphalt, the rain drops caressing their face. As they continue walking down this path, they begin to twirl in the rain making every step firmly and decisively. Taking a quick look behind them, they see miles and miles that they’ve walked. Feeling rather accomplished, they continue down the path.

All of a sudden, they trip on something unseen. The storm comes to an abrupt end, in fact everything around them seems to come to an end. They blink in disbelief as the once detailed path with mysteriously beautiful surroundings is gone, in it’s place rests an unsettling grey. Grey, grey, everything is grey, no longer defined. They spin around in a circle hoping it would all come back, but to no avail. At this point, some choose to try and follow the invisible path, hoping to find an end to all this undefined grey, while others take this time to sit down and breath until this grey haze has passed.

Eventually the grey disappears. The one who continued on the invisible grey finds themselves in a mess, way off track and injured. The one who chose to sit and wait it out finds themselves exactly where they left off. Both only have one way to go, forward. But it will be much easier for the one who stayed put.

Take this as a warning to all writer’s, don’t try to write when suffering writers block. (Unless of course you would like to begin a new journey, but that’s a different story)

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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