What a beautiful sunset

So yes, yesterday was my little brother Evan’s surprise birthday party at falls lake. I must say we all had an amazing time. Happy birthday Evan, you’re awesome, thanks for everything.

After we were all soaked and our jeans were unbearably waterlogged and we were beginning to freeze, we climbed out of the numbing water and sat down on the sand. Just sitting there with some of the awesomest people I know was amazing, before long the sun started to set, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was.

The other night I thought of something, when you know someone really cares for you, really loves you, how do you know it’s true?

You know someone really loves you when they give you exactly what you need just before you need it.

God seems to get everything working in order right before they begin to fall apart. Have you ever noticed that? It’s like He gives us a warm blanket of protection just before the storm. I don’t know what storm I’m about to face, but I can say I’m ready. God has blessed me beyond any measure I could have ever imagined. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach…. watching the sun go down out of sight. It was beautiful. It was relieving. and beyond all that, just purely amazing.

Sometimes we forget how beautiful things are if we just sit back and look at the amazing things that God has given us. We just get caught up in the rush of life. No there’s nothing wrong with life, or even necessarily being busy. But maybe we just forget what’s all around us. God didn’t create this mundane day to day survival type of life.

He gave us a beautiful world full of surprises and things to make us smile. I think sometimes we forget to smile, I can’t anymore, I just can’t go an hour without smiling. Don’t go a day without smiling, never forget what God has given you. Just sit back and watch a sunset, what things of God’s nature trigger good memories for you? Let them wash back over you, think about things that make you smile. Never let those things go.

I can say for absolute positivelyness that I will always remember that sunset. What’s your sunset? 🙂 <4

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.

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