Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers and possessed bumper cars

Last night I was treated to the NC State Fair by the wonderfully amazing Walcott family. It was an amazing experience.  The state fair i a unique experience. First you walk through the gates and you’re instantly swarmed by hundreds, no, thousands of people you’ve never met in your life even though you all live in the same state. Just as you’re getting used to the immense crowds you’re hit with a new sensation. The true smell of all american food. Deep-fried and highly fattening. A combination of things nobody else would dare try mixing. Not after long I’m sure you find your way to a few rides and you experience the feeling of flying through the air on rides like FREAK OUT!! haha ^_^

Riding is another rare sensation, first you wait in a line that seems to stretch forever listening to about a thousand random people’s conversations and wishing someone would play some decent music. Suddenly some guy is asking for your tickets and before you know it you’re walking out on a metal platform and jumping into a seat. Before you know it your friend beside you is terrified and grasps your hand tightly as the ride lifts up into the air and begins to swing back and forth and spin you around. You have a short sensation of flying every time you go up on each side and your heart seems to jump as you fall back down. Then before you know it, your ride is over and a mass amount of people are waiting on you to move out of their way.

My next experience with the fair involved Me and my clone Victoria Walcott (Vick) riding in a possessed bumper car. Even with our possessed car I still say we beat Marck and Mr Walcott by a long shot. ^_^ Before too terribly long we went off to find some food and locate some of our friends’ art exhibits.

That was the absolutely most amazing thing I have EVER eaten. If you think I’m weird, you are correct. The Krispy Kreme Cheese burger was a huge eye-opener to the amazing world of delicious American food.

After a while my mind started wandering but before long I snapped back as it was time for the Chris Tomlin concert. You think the overwhelming rush of emotion from seeing so many people together in one place is amazing? Try the overwhelming rush of the Power of God through emotion and spirit when you’re worshiping the God who made you with thousands of other Christians. Talk about power. Talk about emotion. Talk about absolutely amazing. Worshiping God is amazing, worshiping with your church family is another dimension of amazing, worshiping with thousands of people most of whom you don’t know is yet another dimension, not necessarily better or worse, just completely different.

Overall I must say my experience at the fair was nothing short of awestruck amazingness. Sure, it very well could’ve been better, couldn’t everything? But it was amazing. <4

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.



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