Suicide Awareness

So that’s what everybody’s talking about nowadays. But from the perspective of someone who’s been there, everything you guys are doing is great but it’s not helping much. Sure I’ll wear a certain color shirt or whatever but if you were considering suicide would someone changing the color of their shirt really matter to you?

The truth is, people considering suicide, most likely won’t look depressed. In our Youth church last week we started watching To save a life which we will finish up next week. (Absolutely love that movie) While Roger could’ve easily been picked out as a “emo” by the way he acts, talks, gets treated ect… Nobody took him seriously and he committed suicide. It shocked everyone, nobody had expected him to go that far, most people didn’t know him, some people resented him for making all this fuss and closing the school. Point is, while some people like Roger, will be easy to find, there are many more. The happy ones. You would never be able to tell that there people are going through stuff, no matter what’s on their mind it’l never show unless you pry it from them. It’s those people you’ve gotta watch out for. They’re not going to get counseling, what does that help? They just need someone to care. Someone to love them. A reason not to end their life.

You might say they know you’re their friend, that doesn’t matter if they think you’d be fine or better of without them. Show people in your life what they mean to you. That my friend, is something you can do to prevent suicide. Show someone the unconditional love of Christ, forgive someone who hurt you, help someone hurting.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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