So if you’re awesome enough I’m sure you’ve heard one of my favorite bands’ (TDWP) new Ep “Zombie ep”. Most people say it’s a meaningless “just for fun” screaming poetless, but yet awesome cd about solely zombies. Which, can be practically true. Jesusfreakhideout did a cd review on it here http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/cdreviews/ZombieEP.asp that you can read if you’d like. Before I go on I’d like to provide you with the lyrics JIC you can’t decipher them, or you just won’t take the time to listen. http://www.bandsonfire.com/hearts-on-fire/lyrics-database/article/the-devil-wears-prada-zombie-ep-3967

Now, let’s get to the point. “you had one?” Yes, now shut up. So in reference, while the band itself found no deeper meaning in their own lyrics, I sure do. What are the typical characteristics of zombies? Well they’re practically dead, they can still move around, infect others, cold skin, and brainless right?

Sounds like what I’d call mental suicide, and believe it or not, it really happens around you every day, the only difference, the cure. When one commits “mental suicide” they would seem to be lost to their surroundings, a walking zombie if you will. They seem to not notice or care about their surroundings, but continue to take others down with them. As in what I would call “Mental suicide bombing” They either realize what they are doing and decide to take others with them, or unintentionally drag others down with them on their search for help. Either way these “zombies” are dangerous. They themselves are not the “zombie” you see, something deeper inside is making them that way. THAT is what can only be penetrated by killing it, the source. There must be an end to this ongoing disease by putting a bullet straight through the source. We are outnumbered, the odds (in natural eyes) are against us. But we have a secret weapon, God’s on our side. I must admit, if you believe in the meaning or not, this is an AMAZING metalcore/screamo ep and I higly suggest listening to it, well only if you like this kind of music anyway haha.

Live long and prosper, Tori Lynn.


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